Confirmed: Portia Doubleday and Rami Malek are dating

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We finally have the first official confirmation of Rami Maleks’ relationships: he is dating his Mr. Robot co-start Portia Doubleday in real life! The die-hard Mr. Robot fans have been waiting for this official confirmation for ages! Now, thanks to Portia’s Instagram we know the truth. Recently she posted 2 photos where she is kissed by Rami, but it was definitely the second one that left no doubts.

(The second) Kissing photo from Portia’s Instagram as of 8th of September, 2017:

Oldie but goodie–J is for January.

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Rami and Portia have wonderful chemistry both on-screen and, as it appeared, in reality. Their on-screen Mr. Robot characters, Elliot and Angela, have a very touching romantic and genuine connection:

#MrRobot recap

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It should be mentioned that Rami usually is extremely private about his personal life. None of his previous possible relationships were ever confirmed. Previously, there were some rumors about him dating his Twilight co-star Angela Safaryan, so you guess Rami has a pattern. But it seems that with Portia everything is serious. Before the public declaration, there were little hints showing up on Portia’s Instagram (Rami doesn’t post on Instagram, he has just 2 posts there) and in the press, starting about the same time Mr. Robot shooting first started (around 2015). All these small hints contained nothing particularly explicit, but were full of tenderness and affection and definitely not just for PR. Subtle meaningful staring and gestures here and there continued all the time. Meanwhile, Reddit users reported seeing Rami and Portia caught kissing, presumably on public events.

The first kissing photo with Rami appeared on Portia’s Instagram on the 8th of January, 2017, but some fans saw it as not convincing enough. (The first) Kissing photo from Portia’s Instagram from the 8th of January, 2017:

4 the journey of the last 2yrs. good luck tomorrow ♥️u

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By the way, here are Rami Malek’s and Portia Doubleday’s official Instagrams:
Rami Malek’s official Instagram (353k followers, just 2 posts!)
Portia Doubleday’s official Instagram (125k followers, regular posts – definitely worth checking!)

There were a lot of signs of these two dating long before the announcement. Like Portia called him ‘b’ in her caption (edited later).

Here are some other cute photos of Rami and Portia together before their dating was confirmed:

@ramimalek and @portiadd #ramimalek #rami #malek #malekians #bystersmalheart #whoismrrobot #seanson2 ##actor #mrrobot

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Interestingly, both of Portia’s photos came out on the 8th day of the month (January and September). Looks like as their special date. Maybe it was the day they first met. Taking into account the Mr. Robot production timeline and the “the journey of the last 2yrs” comment under the 1st kissing post, it is quite possible that these two started dating on the 8th of January, 2015.

[No Spoilers] They are so dating *heart break* from MrRobot

And just look at these recent videos from Portia’s birthday:

… carly yelling at ryan. 3

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